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"You Can Call Me Duke"

I remember the day John Wayne went to heaven.

June 11, 1979.

Brock and I had gone out, leaving the kids with a babysitter. When we got home there was a note taped to the front door from our little daughter, “Jon wane is ded.”

We had been expecting Duke’s passing, but even so, my heart broke over such a great loss.

Interesting how much Duke reminds me of the rough talking Galilee fishermen whom Jesus chose as his closest friends. Jesus appreciated the rough cut common man more than the polished politicians and religious hypocrites of his day.

Brock and I have been basking in a movie marathon of my wonderful boss.

John Wayne lived the truth that a man's word and a handshake is sacred before God.

Men like Duke are rare these days ... Rough cut, honest and true of heart.

The stuff that makes a great Prophet.

I truly believe that Jesus would have enjoyed sitting around the campfire of Galilee with Duke and the men who formed his film company.

Jesus appreciated strong men like Duke who weren’t afraid to tell the political crooks and religious hypocrites they had gone too far. Jesus would have taken down the political phonies and the media of our day.

Duke's note to me in this picture is:

Bodie - You can call me Duke, or you can call me John, or you can call me at home! - DUKE

Today I’m Remembering John WAYNE and that rough and wonderful film crew he always had working on his pictures.

I learned so much from Duke about straight shooters.

I think he liked me because I am also a straight shooter.

He taught me to recognize a phony.

“Big hat - no cattle!”

These are the same kind of people Jesus warned us about.

Leave them behind. Turn your back. Shake the dust from your feet and walk away.

Great advice.

Don’t look back.

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