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We Need Another Reagan

Thoene friends and family,

I may be a couple days off, but when thinking about President's Day this week, I can't help but reflect on the greatest President our country has ever had!

Ronald Reagan was the boldest Man of God! He spoke plainly and with authority. He did not pander, compromise, or give in on what he knew to be Truth.

Let us pray that another Faithful Servant with such honesty, integrity, and patriotism, step forward to lead this nation, before it is too late!

PSALM 1:1-6

"1 How blessed is anyone who rejects the advice of the wicked and does not take a stand in the path that sinners tread, nor a seat in company with cynics, 2 but who delights in the law of Yahweh and murmurs his law day and night. 3 Such a one is like a tree planted near streams; it bears fruit in season and its leaves never wither, and every project succeeds. 4 How different the wicked, how different! Just like chaff blown around by the wind. 6 For Yahweh watches over the path of the upright, but the path of the wicked is doomed."

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VP Mike Pence is ready, willing and totally Reagan-esque.

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