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We Have Arrived in the Past

Updated: Mar 4, 2021




As a Dear Friend recently posted:

"I will not eat Green Eggs and Ham...

This has been my word for long…trust me when I sing this song.

We may not see the harm done now…

Some may not see it anyhow.

Tho they might complain when their funnies are cancelled,

Or clamor for justice when their team gets a name change.

But let me tell you and tell you right now.

This display of concern has a much bigger ouch!

Just down the road in a place we can’t see…

The Bible book burners are waiting you see.

With matches they’ll be armed and telling us all the while…they burn all our books in a big fiery


'They did you no good they were not for your best…now, go find something that puts them to


Search out the socialist doctrine to read and the little red book is another you’ll need.'

Oh! I tell when they have their way, the Golden Books we read growing up

will be flung in a corner and replaced with their junk.

A missal on how to transgenderize or maybe a guide to pedofilia besides.

They’re available now and we have not burned them.

Everyone has their personal choice and each will account for them too..

I will not burn your books and I’ll give you a clue…

I will not eat Green Eggs and Ham…

Try and force me if you can…

But I will not eat Green Eggs and Ham!"

-Debbie Shick, Prayer For Our Nation

And, as I wrote years ago:

"'The Reich may tell you whom you may love and whom you must hate. Oh, yes, Thomas, the

Reich can dictate the inward life of every man.'

'Not the inward life.' Thomas looked up sharply. 'Only the outward show.'”

-Bodie Thoene, Vienna Prelude

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