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This is TRUTH...

Below is a look at the destroyed Jewish Quarter of Old City Jerusalem under the 19 year occupation by Jordan. (1948-1967)

There are now so many enemies of Jews and Christians who try to rewrite history.

This is TRUTH

From the destruction of Jewish Jerusalem in 70 AD by the Romans, there has never been a Palestinian nation or a Palestinian people.

Eretz Israel was occupied by foreign empires from 70 AD, for nearly 2,000 years, though Jews always remained in Jerusalem.

During WW1, the British defeated the Ottoman-Turkish empire and ruled in the land of Israel from WW1 until Israel was reborn after the holocaust in 1948.

During Israel's fight for survival against 5 Arab nations in 1948,

the Jewish quarter of Old City Jerusalem was lost to the Arab forces.

Every Jew was driven out.

Every JEWISH synagogue was desecrated and destroyed.

For 19 years Jordan occupied East Jerusalem from 1948 until 1967.

No Jew was permitted to pray at the Western Wall until divided Jerusalem was liberated from Jordan by Israelis in 1967.

For those 19 dark years of Jordanian occupation, Jerusalem was divided like East and West Berlin.


The prophecies concerning the Jews returning to Israel ARE FULFILLED!

Lift your head and pray for Israel and then praise the soon-coming King!

The devil has already lost this battle.

America's blessing as a nation depends on supporting Israel and its undivided capital, Jerusalem!

Historical TRUTH is turning hearts back to God.

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