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The 'Orwellian Future' Is Now

Are you still paying attention?!?

Hear the latest from Live Action spokeswoman, Alison Centofante:

**Note, you will only find this video posted with Rumble, because YouTube recently placed a "for life" ban on the pro-life group, LifeSiteNews.**

"This pursuit of Theo was not borne out of hatred for him as a man or a Jew.

All of that was just an excuse - an excuse for lawless men to take what belonged to others.

It seemed strange that those who served the Hitlers and the Himmlers and the Gorings believed

constant lies....

It was those little men in the service of greed who were the most violent, the most dedicated to

the brutality of the (Socialist) policies. They murdered and terrorized for one reason only:

because they could.

They were the law of the lawlessness; the power of evil was their creed and their joy and their


- Bodie Thoene, Vienna Prelude (Zion Covenant, book 1)

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1 Comment

Roberta Branch
Roberta Branch
Mar 03, 2021

Great interview!

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