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The Art of Ancient Cathedrals

Thoene Tribe- you are friends who have read my heart.

Today I wish to share something very deep within me.

I deeply cherish the ancient paths of our faith and love the hearts of the builders of God’s great houses of worship.

There was a time when people could not read and the printed Bible was not available.

In those days, artists and craftsmen spent lifetimes building great Cathedrals and churches to the glory of God.

Many of the windows of Notre Dame were created 850 years ago.

The windows are the complete visual story of the ENTIRE Bible.

The plain sunlight of day shines through vibrant colors, illuminating scenes of heaven’s truth!

Just like the ancient Temple in Jerusalem inspired awe, I am in awe of the beauty.

The hours of my life spent praying in such beautiful places leave me in wonder!

What must Heaven be like if here on earth my eyes can behold such glory?

I have come to love the precious artists of old who spent their lives creating these reflections of God’s truth. I am telling you, though they are long gone from earth, I feel I really KNOW THEIR HEARTS!

I thank God for their lives! They made a difference! Their works of art in glass reflect holiness and fill the hearts of all those who see with awe for The Greatest Story ever told.

Great Art created for God’s glory truly matters to God.

This is why the enemy of men’s souls hates the Cathedrals and wishes to burn and destroy them all.

My dear friend- Look with me at these Notre Dame stained glass windows which have translated the light of Heaven for 850 years. Imagine the love poured into each small panel.

These are ONLY three windows out of thousands of pieces of glass! The Gospel story is unchanged!

LET’S sing together with ancient generations of believers, “Jesus! I love you! JESUS I see you! Son of David! I thank you for coming to save my soul!”

Lord, please Bless the work of our hands and hearts to Your Glory!"

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