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Speak Truth. Support Life.

I could not have imagined when I wrote Vienna Prelude that I would ever witness our great nation following the path of moral destruction that others took in 1932 Nazi Germany.

Christians! Our freedom, our constitution, our future, are all at risk as never before.

Scripture and history teaches us that always before a great move of God, there is a slaughter of babies by those in political power.

From Pharaoh to Herod the Great, evil rulers shook their fists in the face of God by killing infants.

God said of these men and women, "...and they did evil in the sight of the Lord." (Do evil in the sight of the Lord is very synonymous with apostasy.)

Do not be lulled into accepting this profoundly dark policy of abortion by the Democrat party.

This is irrefutable evidence of a great spiritual battle.

If we do not fully turn our hearts to the Lord, there will come a moment when all deceived men and women in the church, will be held accountable for their endorsement of those on record as supporting Planned Parenthood and the slaughter of untold millions of babies in the American Holocaust.

This is TRUTH in the Name of Jesus.

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