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Revelation 8:8

NASA reports: An asteroid the size of a mountain is closely sailing past our world today.

Named 'APOPHIS', after the Egyptian god of chaos, it will return CLOSE ENOUGH TO KNOCK OUT SATELLITES in April 2029 {if the world is still here}.

We were on a plane to London in 2004 when we read in The Times that this very asteroid was on course to strike the earth. Not on the 2015 fly by, but on a later pass. Each journey brings it closer and closer to us.

This brought to mind the passage about the flaming mountain striking the sea in Revelation 8:8.

This describes in detail the Seventh Seal and the second trumpet.

The date of the probable collision was set and recorded and published in 2004...and then the news about it vanished! Though we searched for it, the information we had read in The Times first disappeared and when it came back onto the NASA site the details were significantly changed. The report was retracted so that this cosmic destroyer of civilization was really not considered a threat. The original calculations were wrong, it was reported.

Science tells us there are many close earth approach asteroids every year.

History teaches us that even in recent times asteroids have struck the earth in remote areas and that there is a certainty that we will be hit again. Not IF, but WHEN!

The Book of Revelation chapter 8 is very clear on this point as well. The prophet saw the flaming mountain fall from the sky. Not IF, but WHEN!

If not this asteroid, then another, unseen and unknown and unexpected flaming mountain is on its way.

This is one of the SUDDENLY scriptures... when we least expect it, destruction will come upon the world and humankind.

But we have more to be concerned about than asteroids. Every person, man, woman and child; every day is facing a possible unexpected "SUDDENLY".

We are surrounded by people who are not ready to meet The Lord.

We are in the midst of a generation which is spiritually dead and a nation which needs the hope of Salvation and resurrection.

The asteroid of Revelation 8:8 is real and it is coming.

But whether our life ends by natural disaster or illness or simply in the quiet sleep of old age, we will all someday come face to face with The Lord.

When the Titanic sank, the evangelist Billy Sunday was heard crying out to those dying in the frigid water, "Are you saved? Call on the name of Jesus! He died for you! Ask and He will forgive your sins and take you to heaven!"

It isn't a matter of IF, it's a matter of WHEN!

Every encounter with a person in your day is a divine encounter.

Pray for all you meet!

Speak up!

Give Christian literature if you are too shy to speak!

You know the right question and, if you know Jesus, you have the saving answer.

Take as many souls to heaven as you can.

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