Prophecy in the Stones

Dear Thoene friends and family!

Everything, every word from the mouth of the Lord, Means Something.

On Palm Sunday as the people greeted JESUS with praise and songs of hosanna, the Pharisees ordered JESUS to SHUT THEM UP!

The Lord replied that if they did not praise him, the very stones would cry out! (Luke 19:40)

What did He mean, the STONES WOULD CRY OUT? How could that be?

Here’s the great beauty of any word spoken by the Lord.

The 3 letter Hebrew word for “STONE,” is Alef, Bet, Nun.

Those same three letters when rearranged and spelled backwards, NUN, BET, ALEF means, “To speak or sing by inspiration, PROPHECY.”

And so JESUS was not only saying the “stones” would cry out, He was declaring that in all, the PROPHETS had already cried out every detail of His life!

It was written.

It is written.

Everything Means Something.

All that is written from front to back and from back to front in the Bible will come to pass.


Hosanna in the Highest! JESUS our King is coming soon!

Thank you Lord. Amen.

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