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People of the Lie

Thoene friends and family,

In the mid 1980s I read a book by Scott Peck called "PEOPLE OF THE LIE."

It changed my life and the way I responded to manipulative people, politics and even to the media.

Today we are dealing with a Far left, Democrat Socialist, world view which deeply hates Christians and which perverts the truth.

We also may be dealing personally with people far and near who are emotionally toxic to our lives and destructive to our nation.

In your personal life do not be held captive by manipulative individuals or by your circumstances.

Violent, deceptive behaviors are not justifiable and are not from God.

I highly recommend this book by Scott Peck.

It is time we re examined the clever psychology of evil people and renew our relationship with the JOY, FORGIVENESS AND FREEDOM OF OUR HEAVENLY FATHER!

The prison door is opened by an angel.

It’s up to you to walk out to freedom.

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