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Our Love Is Here To Stay

Good morning, Thoene friends and family.

I’ve had several folks ask if Brock and I have a favorite song?

There are several but a memory about living in Paris in July came up.

So here’s a story about “our” song.

We loved our time living on an 1895 converted canal barge in Paris as we wrote Twilight of Courage. Our bed was a small berth and we bathed in a tin tub with water heated on the stove. Primitive and exquisite. (We have so many wonderful stories about that season in Paris. I’ll have to include them if I ever write about us.)

Our boat was moored on the quay by Pont Nuef, not far from the place where Gene Kelly danced in the moonlight with Leslie Caron.

Almost every night we held hands and walked along the Seine River. One of my most precious memories is of Brock taking me in his arms to slow dance while he softly sang “Our Love is Here to Stay.”

It’s always been one of our favorite love songs.

I still can’t hear it without wanting to slow dance.

I’m still so crazy about this guy.

In case you wondered, the heroes in my novels are always modeled after Brock.

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