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Satan rules in San Francisco! Satan rules in San Francisco, as in the days of Sodom.

Nancy Pelosi comes from that pit.

Thoene friends and family, I hope you understand the EVIL which stands as "Speaker of the House."

Are you aware that Nancy Pelosi truly ONLY represents the 12th congressional district?!?! San Francisco = Pelosi. There are 53 Congressmen in California alone. She is 1 of 53 in this state. She is only 1 vote of 435 US Congressman and women!!


Pelosi's voters are of all from one tiny, depraved, filthy, sanctuary city in California. She received only 277k votes in her district (over 800k).

Her district today? It is her true vision of America: an America without border security; rampant drugs; mental illness on the streets; illegals; soaring crime; depravity; sin... Pelosi's world.

Think about it. This really is true - Satan rules there! Pelosi rules with Satan... truly evil power.

Pelosi and her Comrades claim to care about America? She claims to be a Catholic and Christian!?! How could she possibly know God and yet let His people live as they do in San Francisco? How could she champion "choice"... having so many deaths, and the blood of those truly innocent, drenching her hands?!

Pelosi does NOT speak for anyone in America EXCEPT those "voters" in San Francisco. Does she speak for anyone else in America? THINK ABOUT IT PEOPLE... HOMELESS DRUG ADDICTS DEFECATE OPENLY IN HER STREETS... THEY LEAVE NEEDLES IN HER PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION HUBS... Those are among her "voters."

SHARE this TRUTH to break censorship. PRAY against her LIES. Pelosi speaks only for San Francisco. NOT for 77 millions of Americans. NOT for YOU and ME!!! Let others in your circle see the TRUTH! Pray for this evil to be exposed.

NINEVEH REPENTED. SODOM DID NOT. Which side of history will America land? You know where I stand. #bethelight #repent #speaktruth #speakout #speakloud #keepspeaking #America #homeofthebrave #onenationUnderGOD

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1 Comment

Jenny Burnsides
Jenny Burnsides
Jan 30, 2021

Nineveh repented because their king repented and ordered the people to repent. I believe President Trump was leading this country down the path of repentance, but I'm not sure that he actually repented on behalf of this country. Biden??

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