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Love at First Sight

A true Valentine's Day story:

I cherish my parent's love story. <3

After the war, my beautiful mom fled from an abusive marriage. She borrowed money from her Uncle Howd, who saw what was going on and encouraged her to escape.

In the middle of the night, she boarded a train to carry her and her little girl as far away as they could go. She ended up in Bakersfield California. There, she met my Dad, just returned from war in the South Pacific.

It was Love at first sight!

In spite of the severe judgment she faced from many at the time, she would not be bullied or guilted into remaining in a relationship which would have crushed her.

Her story is difficult and dramatic and has a wonderful happy ending! {I am writing it now.}

I so admire my mom for refusing to remain in an emotionally abusive relationship.

From my own life, I know my parent's love was a great and real love which lasted almost 60 years before they went to heaven.

Mama used to say, "Never judge any man or woman escaping unless you walk in their shoes."

Sometimes a person must board the train in the middle of the night and flee. God knows that at the end of the line, the story will be filled with His glory!

P.s. I smile when I remember I wouldn't have been here if my parents would not have met.

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My older sister went through a similar situation with her marriage. I lived with them and saw first hand what he was capable of. They had 2 children before she left him. He kidnapped them and she and my mom traveled from CA to TX to rescue them. At one point they were separated and my dear sister had to depend on strangers for help. God kept her safe and reunited her with her children. She was brave and courageous.


Karen Wagner
Karen Wagner
Feb 15, 2021

This sounds like my story. Don't be afraid to flee. Had 33 years of happiness until August when my sweet husband went to be with Jesus.


What a beautiful story. Your mom was so courageous and bless uncle Howard. Obviously God His hand in this union.

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