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Thoene friends and family,

I know this post may get buried among the zillions of other posts but I have to share it.

The Lord has opened my eyes to something.

I found this wisdom by Elie Wiesel, who survived the Holocaust.

It is heavy, I am sorry, but important.

A very difficult truth.

In praying and contemplating every line, I believe Wiesel identifies a fierce and terrible demon.

Its name is Indifference. (Our greatest enemy perhaps.)

This is the enemy which opposes Love.

It is what keeps people from responding to the needs of others.

It dismisses the Lord's kindness and digs a cold grave in which God's mercy is buried and forgotten.

Indifference is the ultimate destroyer of precious relationships.

The crusher of lives and thief of joy and hope.

Yes, this is our greatest spiritual enemy.

Indifference is a living deadness which creates a personal world devoid of compassion.

I am Praying about the coming judgment.

It will finally make people awaken to the truth.

I pray for us all that it will not be an irrevocable destruction of all that is Holy and beautiful and lovely.

I am praying friends and families will wake up before it is too late to say, "I love you!"

I am praying we who know the Lord will be filled with a fierce desire to share Christ with others before it's too late. Time goes by so quickly!

I am praying against indifference.

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1 Comment

Vicki Lynn
Vicki Lynn
Aug 02, 2021

I’ve read Elie Wiesel and love his perspective. Thank you for the sobering post. All Truth!

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