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ICYMI - Biden's American Overhaul

18 Republican Senators are traveling to the Southern Border of Texas on Thursday, March 25, 2021 to see first-hand more than 100,000 illegal immigrants who were detained last month alone. To see the over 15,000 kids who are in the custody of the Biden Administration right now.

While you are being told to wear a mask, maintain social distance, get vaccinated, and avoid gatherings for Easter, the Biden Administration is releasing into the interior U.S., these illegal immigrants who are testing positive for Covid-19 at 7 times the rate of the American People!

This crisis is entirely created by the Biden Administration. The moment he took office, he halted construction of the border wall; reinstituted "catch and release"; and ended the "remain in Mexico" policy. And the crisis is getting worse and worse by the day.

The media will not be going with the Senators, because Joe Biden has placed a blackout and gag-order on them. This was never the case with the Bush, Obama, or even the Trump administration. Biden's administration claims the reason they cannot go is because of Covid ("the media might have the virus", regardless if they test negative or have had their vaccination already). But just ignore the fact that the Donna Facility which can hold a maximum of 250 detainees, currently has over 4,000!

As of this morning, Biden has tasked Harris to handle the Border Crisis. If you are not outraged by their disinterest, then you aren't paying attention. Harris has been less than concerned with what is happening at the border. Infact, when recently questioned about this she laughed. Then she had the audacity to say that they inherited serious challenges at the border. (Again, let's just ignore the signals that the current administration sent when the stopped/overturned all of President Trump's border policies.)

While this crisis in immigration continues, and Americans still struggle to recover from the Pandemic, Biden chooses to follow the iconic words of Rahm Emmanuel, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. I mean, it’s an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do before.”

So they simultaneously take advantage of the recent mass-shooting in Colorado. We all have justifiable disgust and outrage over that evil act. But this administration, aided by a media that would make Goebbels proud, asks you to ignore the fact that the evil was perpetrated by an Islamic immigrant from Syria. Instead, they say, direct your outrage at guns in general and even toward law-abiding gun-owners in particular.

Wednesday the Court began hearing oral arguments in Caniglia v. Strom, a case that could have sweeping consequences for policing, due process, and mental health, with the Biden Administration and attorneys general from nine states urging the High Court to uphold warrantless gun confiscation.

Biden has already floated the idea of an Executive Order. Why not add one for Gun Control to the pile of 37 others he's already signed? Don't be surprised when the Supreme Court does not side in their favor...and watch how quickly the far-left screams to stack the court, to avoid future losses for their anti-Constitutional dictates.

What's next? How much further left can we move, before our United States is unrecognizable?

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Mar 25, 2021

I have very little faith in the Supreme Court any more, and none whatsoever in the Senate. The only recourse I have is prayer. I hope in God alone.

Bodie Thoene
Bodie Thoene
Mar 31, 2021
Replying to

Stand strong, Kristyn. ❤️

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