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I Kneel to God

A house divided against itself cannot stand. I believe this government cannot endure permanently half slave and half free.

— Abraham Lincoln

America fought the civil war once and slavery was abolished.

620,000 young American soldiers died in that horrific conflict.

My great-great grandfather was a farmer who opposed slavery.

He never owned slaves and like all my ancestors, believed that black SLAVERY, established by the British in the new world in the 1600s, was profoundly evil.

(The enslavement and cruel oppression of the Irish population was also deeply engrained in British society.)

So here’s our family's personal experience.

One rainy night in July 1864, Rebel Bushwackers (not soldiers, but lawless, bloodthirsty, looters of that day) pulled my great great grandfather and his son-in-law out of their beds, dragged them outside and shot them in front of their wives and family (including my great grandma, who at the time was just a child).

Grandpa lay in the mud, cradled in my grandma’s arms.

She couldn’t get him inside the house.

He bled to death and is buried there on the farm.

Every family in this country at that time, no matter what side they fought on, paid horribly for the evil of slavery, introduced by British companies and perpetuated by DEMOCRAT SLAVE HOLDERS, to work their tobacco and sugar plantations.


There is no black or white (red or yellow, brown or pink) in God’s eyes.

I am telling the Democrats, who continue to stir up racial violence, that true Americans stand together regardless of color! America is not going to fight this battle again.

I personally will not bow my knee to any man, I kneel ONLY TO GOD.

If any of my black sisters or brothers or students wants to join me, praying for God’s peace, we will kneel together. We will pray together!

Join me!

"Father God, those of us who know and love you, thank you for sending your Only Son to die for our sins! We gather together before you to ask that you will bring peace and love to this nation once again! Turn the hearts of your people - all people- toward you! Heal our land! We pray in the mighty name of Jesus our Lord and Savior!"


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