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Hard Goodbyes

Dear Thoene friends and family, this has been a season of saying goodbye to loved ones for so many of us. -for Brock and I too-

There are dear ones in my lifetime, who have said goodbye. I never, ever, expected they would not be a part of my ongoing daily life. I had such expectations that things would always be as they had been: easy, and mostly joy-filled.

The goodbye, whether through death or life’s circumstances, left a huge empty place in my heart. Heartbroken is a word I understand.

You know this about me because you have read my books.

I get it.

I have lived it.

I have written it.

In this life, I have sometimes had to let go of my expectations of others who don’t love me in return. The grief of separation feels like death. It can’t be changed. I still love deeply and pray more, but I must square my shoulders and set off in a new direction.

As I grow more in age and wisdom, I know with certainty that every heartbreaking “Goodbye”, has an eternally joyful “Hello”, waiting at the finish line in heaven .

I talk to the Lord about it if I have been hurt by, or separated from, those I love.

I tell Him that I understand why he said “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”

Bottom line - Jesus died not only for my sins, and HE DIED FOR THE SINS WHICH OTHERS COMMITTED AGAINST ME.


That’s a requirement. "Forgive As Jesus forgives me.”

Dear beloved friends and family,

The great Heavenly reunion is coming.

Cry if you must, it’s okay.

Just know this - He will wipe every tear.

Don’t let anyone discourage you!

I send you all so much love today.

I look forward to our happy reunion in heaven.

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