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Guest Blog - The Drop

Every day millions of men go to work questioning their purpose and how to leverage their gifts for the advancement of God's Kingdom.

Join us as we hear stories from men who have discovered the answer and are willing to share some wisdom they've learned along the way.

Gathering wisdom is like dropping pennies in a jar. Over time, our jars fill up and overflow into the lives of others. Welcome to "The Drop", a video series by New Life Pismo.

Episode #1

Join host Mike Pick as he interviews Brock Thoene who, along with his wife Bodie, have written over 70 works of historical fiction.

Brock has degrees in both history and education and in addition to being one-half of the Thoene writing team, also teaches at Mission Prep High School in San Luis Obispo, CA.

In this episode, Mike and Brock discuss trusting the Lord's leading in our lives and surrounding yourself with other godly men who can mentor you as you navigate life's challenges.


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