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Guest Blog - Prayers and Declarations

Father God,

In the mighty name of Jesus, I join with my brothers and sisters to pull down strongholds of principalities and powers that would seek disunity in these UNITED States!

I declare that the banner over us is love and that a great outpouring of Your love is cresting like a wave and gaining monumental power and will come crashing down on all of us to baptize us in the quality of mercy and love that breaks the bonds of evil.

I thank You that the "greatest of these is love" and that You came to set men free and so we stand on Your Word and declare that the chains of darkness that have literally blinded captive eyes will be broken and that true freedom will reign over our nation.

Today we lift President Trump to You and declare protection against the wiley darts of the devil here and abroad. Keep him in the palm of Your hand and cause the favor of God which knows no counterfeit to cover him in all his endeavors on behalf of the United States of America and our future.

In Your precious and powerful name we pray and set ourselves in agreement! Amen!

- Debbie

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