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Guest Blog - Prayer For Our Nation

Father...our God in Heaven,

We praise and thank you for the plans and purposes you have for Your Church in this endtime scenario. You said You would build Your Church and the gates of hell would NOT prevail against it! We take the authority You gave to us to bind the evil intentions for the destruction of the United States ... NOW! ... in the name of Jesus!

We declare that wrong and evil doers, set against the sovereignty and freedom of the United States would be exposed and stopped in their tracks.

We declare that evil forces from the outside that are pulling strings within would be made null and void... that their power would be withdrawn and removed and come to naught.

We declare that those who are in positions of authority but belong to the dark side would lose credibility and that all who were their followers would wake up as if from a deep sleep and turn against them.

We declare that court justices and judges would read and interpret the Constitution with an eye to proving innocence instead of perpetrating law-breaking.

We decree that the day will come in a timely manner when the landslide victory that surprised the enemy but did not surprise us will be validated and all working against truth will be brought to shame.

Father, we ask for sheriffs and law enforcement in local counties over this nation to stand for law and order and freedom for law abiders and to resist the autocratic rule of wayward State governments.

We ask for Senators and Congressmen to have backbones to stand for righteousness and not sniff how the wind is blowing to protect their kingdoms over the good of the people of the United States.

Lord, you hear the long litany of our heart’s cry, and yet it can be summed up in few words... heal and save our land from abortionists and globalists.

We want You to rule and reign over our country and our individual families.

Undertake to save Your people... the remnant calling out to You!

In Jesus’ name we pray... Amen!

Thanks for joining me in this prayer and sharing!


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