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Guest Blog - Lord, Shake Us from Our Slumber

In reading through Jesus' teachings in Matthew tonight, I felt Him stop me at this verse:

"My house may be persecuted, but it will never fall. My promises are sure and My attention is directed to My children. I hear their cries and I answer their call."

Church, we serve a mighty, miracle-working God.

A God of promises.

A God of compassion.

A God of justice.

A God of love.

Characteristics that can only perfectly dwell together in Him. Join us is praying for our brothers and sisters in Afghanistan today.

Pray for courage.

Pray for protection.

Pray for miracles.

Pray for dreams for those who would seek to persecute the saints, that they themselves would come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ before they can enact any evil against the church. Oh Lord, shake us from our slumber, that we would adorn our spiritual armor and go to battle on behalf of our brothers and sisters!


Amy Maskal, worship ministry, Abide Calvary Atascadero

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