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Guest Blog - Heaven Gained A "great one"

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Rush was a one-man-band playing the song over and over with tremendous heartfelt words...”be proud of America...don’t throw her under the proud of our Constitution...protect your hard fought and won freedoms and know in your knower that God has got this!” We listened to Rush from so far back it’s hard to remember, thinking the first time I heard him say talent on loan from God was a little presumptive. But not after I listened along some more. He was a master of the tongue in cheek and enunciating so clearly what we were all thinking. It was his great talent to get to the bottom of things. And, even before he realized it, he was executing a talent that really was built into him. He used it well. How many thousands of dollars channeled to amazing causes because he could be a help and he had enough. How many of us talked to him on his program, waiting in line and smoozing with Snerdly, thinking this is something I’ll tell my kids about. No, I wasn’t one of them but I have a thing about empathy for how others feel. His fans which were legendary and in the millions feel like they have lost a treasured family member today. It was not unexpected. He was kind enough to let us be a part of his prayer team and we took it to heart. He was granted more days to do what he loved so much and his great Friend President Donald J Trump was back at home in Palm Beach to say a proper goodbye. Oh, our hearts hurt again today but the greatest news is we will see him again. Heaven is richer. The “great one” knew who the “Great One” really was and he had placed his trust in Him. So, for now we pray comfort upon his wonderful family...amazing people! Sending much love from our group...Prayer For Our Nation ️🇺🇸

Debbie 🇺🇸

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Vicki Lynn
Vicki Lynn
Feb 18, 2021


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