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Freedom of Forgiveness

Thinking on things that are TRUE.

Thinking about the FREEDOM OF FORGIVENESS and spiritual HEALING today.

Jesus forgave sins first and then He healed those who were physically sick. He took a lot of flack from the self righteous Pharisees for forgiving sinners.

Jesus asked, "is it harder to forgive sin or to heal the physical body?" Both actions show His heart of mercy.

I personally believe it is harder to forgive sin, yet that healing is in my power to accomplish.

I may not be able to say to one who is physically crippled, "rise up and walk", but Jesus has given me the power and authority to FORGIVE others, just as he has forgiven me. So I chose to exercise that gift today... if anyone has sinned against me, I take that to the cross and give those sins to Jesus.

I forgive for the sake of His sorrow and suffering.

The Word of God commands I forgive all so I may also be forgiven. The Holy Spirit gives me the power and authority to be healed of bitterness and old wounds. Jesus says to my soul, RISE UP AND WALK!

Today, I choose to be spiritually healed by forgiving all sins which wounded my heart. Is it harder to say, "Rise up and walk", or to forgive sins?

Here is the answer:

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!

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Jenny Burnsides
Jenny Burnsides
Feb 14, 2021

This was the exact message at my church this morning. That has been happening more often recently.


Thank you for this sweet reminder. But with God all things are possible. Help us Lord to always choose You.

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