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Don't be Afraid. Just Believe.

When I was a tiny little girl, my Mom and Dad took me for a walk on the Pismo Pier. Even though I was between them and they held my hands, I was afraid.

I heard the waves crashing against the pilings and when I looked down at the cracks between the planks, I glimpsed the surging water and I feared I would fall through.

I cried. Papa knelt down and explained I was too big to fit through the narrow cracks. "Don't be afraid. We won't let go of your hand. And most important for you to know is... We would never take you anywhere where you could get hurt!"

I believed him. I trusted him, and yet my own perception of the situation terrified me.

He wiped my tears and I bravely took the next steps. And then, when I had proved my trust and courage, Papa picked me up and carried me all the way back.

YOU ARE GOD'S PRECIOUS CHILD. You won't slip through the cracks. BELIEVE THAT!

THE LORD LOVES YOU. He will not let go of your hand. He will carry you in His arms to safety.

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Wonderful illustration! Thank you

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