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Brood of Vipers

Thoene friends and family, you know, EVERYTHING MEANS SOMETHING!

As we watch the Evil Left political theater continue to unfold in enemy-occupied DC, I am reminded of what Jesus called crooked politicians of his day.

"You brood of vipers, how can you who are evil say anything good? For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of." -Matthew 12:34

We raised our kids in ranching country in California. (I admit was terrified of rattlesnakes at first. They strike at grazing cows and are a terrible danger to kids on a path.) Wow! I worried about my kids. We all wore boots. (Brock and I still do.)

So, I asked my grandmother, Trudy (Shiloh Autumn), how to deal with my fear. She told me, “The big ones with the most rattles are best. They make great hatbands!” Then she taught me how to skin them and cure them.

**I have made some beautiful hatbands over the years.**

Moral of the story? Scripture is very clear. Don’t ever be intimidated by those political vipers who oppose the truth. Don’t be afraid! Just put on your boots, watch where you step; be aware, and for sure, don’t give up your right to bear arms.

Bottom line: It’s really okay to call the vipers in Congress what they are according to scripture... “Hatbands.” (Yes, they rattle and make a lot of evil noise; enough noise to warn us there’s a deadly viper in the grass.) There’s a whole brood of them in Congress. But in the end, if we’re vigilant, pray for wisdom and vote them out, we will win!

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