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And now a wonderful story that I wish to retell you, dear Thoene friends and family!!!

4 years ago this week, I discovered myself the immigrant roots and BIGLY heart of our 45th President as I listened to him speak. Donald Trump used the archaic and beautiful Scottish word, "BIGLY". He described what his administration would do to bring back jobs for America; for us Forgotten men and women who almost lost hope under 8 years of oppression from the Left.

"BIGLY" is an ADVERB which means "WITH GREAT FORCE," or an Adjective which means, "OF GREAT SIZE." The word dates back to the Middle Ages in Ireland, England and Scotland. It is only rarely used by folks in those lands. BIGLY is a good word FULL OF HOPE AND VISION!

So My writer-heart was stirred to hear our President say BIGLY in the Whitehouse!

How does he know such a word? From his Scottish immigrant mother, Mary Ann MacLeod Trump. According to The Mirror, "Born in 1912, Mary was part of a large family in the crofting village of Tong, the biggest such settlement in the Outer Hebrides and three miles from the island capital, Stornoway.

The below picture shows the teenage Mary sitting on the windowsill of a “white” house, the type that was starting to replace the thatched island blackhouse." From that white house in the village, Mary looked across the sea and dreamed BIGLY of America.

Mary’s father was postmaster. He was also a fisherman. By hard work he lifted his family out of the pervasive rural poverty. I believe that these principles of hard work are ingrained in the family.

Mary immigrated from Scotland to America when she was barely out of her teens. She loved America, the land where BIGLY THINGS CAN HAPPEN! She met her husband, married and had children, one of whom was Donald John. Mary taught her little boy the meaning of the word, BIGLY. And the son of a once impoverished Scotswoman came to live in America's Whitehouse!

This is a story which played out BIGLY, and beautifully. Take a minute and pay close attention to the caption of the photo....Mary is sitting on the window ledge of her home in Scotland called "White house."

EVERYTHING MEANS SOMETHING!! I do believe President Donald fulfilled his mother's dreams, BIGLY. I get it now...I know why he sometimes speaks clumsily like a Scottish fisherman transplanted into New York. Because he is.

Like you, I am filled with such deep affection for this man, Our 45th President, son of Mary Ann MacLeod Trump.

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Roberta Branch
Roberta Branch
27. 1. 2021

Bodie, you should be the one to help President Trump write his autobiography.

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