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Become an Abolitionist For #Life

We are currently in the great state of #Ohio where my mother was born and raised and where some of our children and grandchildren live.

We are on the edge of beautiful #LakeErie in #Sandusky where an army of Abolitionists helped slaves escape to freedom through the underground railroad.

The true history of this place DESTROYS the lies of #CriticalRaceTheory!

I HAD A DREAM - I saw what is coming.

Throughout all of history, whenever #God is about to do something #Holy and #WorldChanging, Satan attacks BABIES and stirs up mobs to destroy nations and divide people.


  1. In Exodus, before God delivered the enslaved people of Israel from Egypt, Pharaoh ordered all Jewish babies be slaughtered by the midwives, (this is full term abortion), but baby Moses escaped death and grew and became the Deliverer of Israel.

  2. When the baby #Jesus, true King of the Jews, was born Satan whispered to Herod. Herod sent his troops to slaughter all the babies in Bethlehem. Baby Jesus escaped to grow up and become the Deliverer of all who call upon His name to save them.

  3. Just before Israel was restored in 1948, Satan set his demons loose, through the Nazis, to destroy all Jews. (Without Jews, God’s promise would be broken.)

And now?

So .... I had a dream last night.

In my dream I asked God about the founder of #PlannedParenthood, #MargaretSanger, the racist who said all blacks are ‘human weeds’ who needed to be exterminated .

Hitler admired Sanger. He communicated with her and applied her principles of eugenics and racial selection in his plan to exterminate the Jews. So .... in my dream I asked why the #Democrats supported Planned Parenthood? I asked why 35% of all abortions are BLACK babies? I asked why most #abortion clinics are in black neighborhoods?

When I woke up the answers flooded over me!

Here it is ...

We are on the verge of the greatest spiritual revival in history!

Millions will soon turn their lives to Christ!

Here’s the key - and the preachers and prophets who will be a huge part of this revival are BLACK MEN AND WOMEN, STRONG CHRISTIANS! They are singers and preachers and people of great courage who will stand up and DECLARE THE NAME OF JESUS, IS THE ONLY WAY OF SALVATION!

All this time Satan has been terrified of BLACK, SPIRIT-FILLED CHRISTIANS who will cry out for multitudes to come to Jesus and be healed and forgiven!

That is why Satan has killed so many black babies in the womb!

That is why skinny, privileged #ANTIFA white kids are desecrating memorials to Lincoln and abolitionists!

I tell you!

I know it!

Something huge and Holy and BEAUTIFUL is about to break forth from the core of our black brothers and sisters and ALL CHRIST FOLLOWERS, TOGETHER!

Satan has killed millions of black babies as he is trying to kill the preachers and the gospel singers! HE HAS KILLED MILLIONS OF BABIES, all the beautiful colors of God's palette, FOR THE SAME REASON. But some survived! And now Satan sees his end is near!

Kneel to no King, but Jesus!

#VOTE against those who support abortion!

#Pray for the great #revival which is at America’s doorstep!

We must now all become #Abolitionists; fighting to rescue those who are enslaved to death and sin!

We must share the #Gospel of LIFE through Jesus Christ our #Lord!

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3 Yorum

I think I have read all your books more than once. Was talking to a friend of mine who has been in a Bible study about the women of the Bible and she was talking about the hardships Mary must have had to go through after becoming pregnant by the Holy Spirit and I couldn't remember the title of the book that your wrote about his birth. Please let me know what the title was so that I can get it to her for their Bible study. Thank you so much. Janet Hensley in Florida


Read the book : epic battles of the last days by Rick Joyner. He has a whole chapter about exactly what you’re saying. It’s super powerful.

Bodie Thoene
Bodie Thoene
14 Tem 2021
Şu kişiye cevap veriliyor:

Thank you for the recommendation. We will check it out.

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