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Abba means Papa

When I was a little girl we often had a Family night at the drive-in movie.

On the ride home I would pretend to fall asleep so Papa would pick me up and carry me into the house, and to my bed.

How I loved being held in his big strong arms and tucked in safe and sound!

Today I read the note in Mama's Bible above Psalm 103.

It says, "Abba means Papa!"

God loves Israel just like that! He carries His children in His arms!

Wow! I understand how BIG that love is!

In my life, my Papa was my hero and my great encourager!

Psalm 103 is the Lord's declaration of a Father's love for His beloved children ... That's you and me!

Yes, God is my (and your) Heavenly Papa and I (and you) have nothing to fear!

He picks me (and you) up and carries me (you) when I'm (your) weary.

He tucks me (and you) in and watches over me (and you) through the night!

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