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A Post from 2015...

I posted this six years ago today when we were at our Lake Tahoe home.

There was one narrow road in and out.

Our evacuation plan in case of sudden fire was, “RUN TO THE LAKE.”

I don’t think a day went by that I was not aware of the horrific danger in the standing dead trees all around us. We were forbidden to cut on our own property without a lengthy permit process.

Bad government forest management is responsible for these wild fires.

Long ago we knew fires were coming. We heard the warning and left beautiful Tahoe after 28 years and never looked back.

THE 2015 POST:

“I am awake and praying tonight. God's blessing for my family, for Israel, for our country and for you. Last week several of these incredible clouds were seen above the East Coast. I am especially moved by the one which looks like an angel holding a trumpet. Dear friends, I am restless as I pray tonight. So much to accomplish for The Lord and I feel something stirring. I wonder ... what is coming upon this nation and her people soon? "Precious Lord, forgive us and open our deaf ears that we may hear your trumpet and obey your word! Have mercy on us, oh Lord!"

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